The Sunflower Programme Can Help Your Child...

In these days of fast food, fast living and quick fixes, there’s little wonder that many of our children struggle to keep up with the demands of school and life. The Sunflower Programme has helped hundreds of children - many with diagnosed behavioural, learning or health difficulties, others who are underachieving at school and some who for no obvious reason need a little extra help to achieve their potential.

The Sunflower Programme

Children with learning, behavioural and health difficulties are often very bright but unexpectedly underperform in a learning environment. Through functional neurology and a range of appropriate treatments, the aim of The Sunflower Programme is to help children be better balanced, integrated and well.

A History Of Successful Outcomes

If any one of our Sunflower practitioners could have told some of the parents that their children would go on to universities and gain degrees, they would have been laughed at.  If any had suggested that a boy had what it took to make Prefect or even Head Boy, they would not have been believed and if so many of the parents had been told their children would turn out to be happy, balanced and integrated, they would have been ridiculed.

Does Your Child Need Our Help?

The Sunflower Programme Many of the children we see demonstrate clear symptoms indicating they are having difficulties with behaviour and/or learning efficiently. The set of symptoms may have been labeled as dyslexia, Aspergers' syndrome, dyspraxia, ADD or ADHD, but there's frequently a degree of overlap and many children will display a range of symptoms..

Professional Commitments

It is the mission of Sunflower Practitioners to treat all patients with the highest standard of care, respect and professionalism and to seek at all time to achieve quickly and efficiently the highest level of success and patient satisfaction in diagnosis and treatment.

Answers To Your Questions

Please take a look at our frequestly asked questions section. It may give you a quick answer to some of your questions or please call us on 0845 0547509 and let us help.

Assisted Funding

The Sunflower Trust has developed an assisted funding programme (bursaries) to help parents who might otherwise be unable, or find it difficult, to cover all or some of the cost of their child going through the Sunflower Programme.